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Frank Justice is a hardened Arizona cop, became vigilante. He loves this nation, in particular his ranch at the Arizona border, yet he is sickened via the flood of illegals getting into the us and not leaving, or returning many times, committing crimes with impunity. So with a bit aid he has been placing a dent in cartel activity--trafficking and drug smuggling efforts flowing around the border, specially utilizing his cherished ranch, Thistledew as a conduit. ( try out my prior ebook, Cowboy Justice at the Border ) His efforts and skills have traveled to different states. Now East Coast governors clamor for his assist in their states as Frank reveals himself a sought after man...some for his services, a few for his head--and no longer in a pleasant method.
Nonstop motion all through as Frank and his spouse, Ramona fit wits with strong men and undesirable -- the various sturdy: the FBI, neighborhood police forces, ICE brokers, and governors, the undesirable: MS-13 butchers, Drug cartels, chemists, and prostitution traffickers.

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