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"A re you definite approximately this?" a girl doubtless in her past due twenties , requested pens ively on the more youthful woman ahead of her. Eyes glazing with tears .

"Y es , A lex. I 'm very definite approximately this . thank you for every thing up until now." the lady often called 'A lex', burs t into wail as she introduced herself with a c speeding bear-hug at the more youthful lady. Knocking out no matter what air have been ins ide the younger

girl's lungs .

"R-Remember to provide a decision as soon as you may have landed effectively! A nd payment your e-mail each s ingle day, simply because I 'll be spamming it! Y ou can't now not answer! U waaaa~! " the more youthful woman sweat-dropped on the blond woman's antic s . Spamming?

Well, that sounded exac tly what A lex could do.

Despite the snots the more youthful woman was once getting on her blouse from A lex, she didn't brain it within the leas t. the more youthful woman patted the lady's head softly and muttered, "I 'm now not long past without end. I 'll s until get back and vis it you at any time when there's

holiday~" She cooed.

"Um... P romise?" A lex s crowned her sobbing and s tole a look on the more youthful woman. To detec t any pos s ible s ign of lie.

"P romised." the more youthful woman smiled mildly in go back. Wiping a number of s tream of tears clear of the woman's face. Did their roles jus t switched? Now A lex seems like she's the more youthful one ins tead.

"I imagine it is time for me to check-in."

A lex grudgingly broke the embody they shared because the more youthful lady checked the time on her wris t watch. earlier than the either one of them might trade anymore phrases , the voices in the back of the PA sys tem within the airport reverberated via out

the place.

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